D.W. Thinks Big (D. W. Series)

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Paperback. Pub Date: April. 1995 Pages: 32 Publisher: Little withown Books for Young Readers of He’s been on the Scene in your stores and Selling in Big Numbers for almost twenty-five YEARS: Arthur. Of The bestselling aardvark. Now his Emmy Award -winning. number-one rated children’s TV show. Arthur. has catapulted his book sales to new heights. Arthur has sold in the past. continues to sell in record numbers in the present. and Now Little. own offers a fantastic promotion to make sure Arthur and DW will be star performers this fall and always. The promotion features an eye-catching display. extensive print and television advertising. and lots of prizes for booksellers and customers. too. Arthur’s been around for almost twenty-five years. and if he’s going anywhere. it’s up – in sales and in the ratings Stay tuned to Little. own for more adventures from loveable Arthur. his …

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